Women’s History Month: Agent 355

This will likely be last post on interesting women and important women during ‘Women’s History Month’.  I’d encourage people to take the time to find others.  They are out there, they just aren’t regularly talked about.  The other posts on the blog for Women’s History Month:
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So, I’d reckon very few people have heard about “Agent 355”.  Any more, it sounds like a biological weapon.  Of course, Agent 355 was a spy and that’s really about all we know for sure.  355’s true identity was never revealed.

Agent 355 was an agent working for George Washington and the Revolutionaries’ Culper Spy Ring, charged with learning information about the British in New York City–Britain’s main city for fighting the war.

355 is believed to have been a woman of high society–someone who hobnobbed with British army and fleet commanders, top officers, all happy to drop tidbits to a pretty woman while hoping that impressed her.  What info exactly?  No idea–it was never revealed.

Many historians believe 355 was responsible for coordinating pirates in the vicinity of New York City, making sure they were safe from sudden British fleet movements or attempts at ambushing pirate ships.  Believe is the key word–no one knows for sure because 355’s identity was never revealed.

The one thing historians are about 95% sure of is that 355’s information was what convinced Revolutionary leaders that John Andre and Benedict Arnold were traitors.  Who knows how much damage could have been done if their perfidy had not been found out.

So really–this blog has no concrete details.  There are no facts.  It’s why it’s the last for the month.  It seems fitting given much of modern history that a woman–one of the key players in American independence–has been virtually removed from actual history with few real records available.  It’s why it is important to tell the tales of people–so that small moments or the role-players on the stage of history are not forgotten.

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